Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of "Your Life, Your Creation"

"Your Life, Your Creation" Is a documentary that started with an idea and an emotion...

“Your Life, Your Creation” is a documentary that started with an idea and an emotion. It advanced slowly and steadily but sometimes with uncertain steps. Whenever doubt or fear appeared, faith, meditation and the connection with “the source” also appeared to shine light and illuminate the path. Jorge is a big dreamer and had the courage to express his dream in words loud enough for me to hear. His dream and vision matched mine and the project continued to grow.
This documentary has basically been made by Jorge and me looking for a clear and coherent way to live our lives. On this journey we found very valuable clues and wanted to share them with others who were on similar quests.   Both Jorge and I have not only interviewed amazing experts on the subjects of science and spirituality but we also set up the lights, microphones and cameras for filming those interviews. We travelled many geographic miles by land and air. In our travels we were looking for that word, that teaching or that reflection that feeds not only the soul but also feeds the desire to take action. An action that changes what has to be changed in order to live better, feel better, and become the conscious creators of the life we want to experience.
For three long years Jorge and I worked on this labor of love while working in other areas to finance our documentary.

We looked at different ways to edit the mountains of information we had so that it would be clear for people to understand. We were putting together a puzzle that we often felt was missing pieces. All of the elements of the creative process, discussions, brainstorming, exchange of ideas, and moments of no ideas took place in our studio, and in our hearts and minds.
“Your Life, Your Creation” is a documentary where each guest who participated did so with the enthusiasm of knowing that their information and passion for living better, was going to reach the Hispanic world and propose a different dynamic in the way a person lives. Thereby creating new possibilities in a person’s life allowing him to live in coherence with what he thinks, feels and does.
This documentary is a living example of what someone’s idea, imagination, commitment, perseverance and love can achieve. The Universe creates the circumstances and always provides the means. As the universe co-creates with us the first step is to allow ourselves to free our imagination and then practice trust and patience.