Creative Team

We appreciate and thank Christine Phillips’s unconditional love and support.  Christine, our spiritual teacher, meditated with us during these three long years of production.  Thank you, Christine, for your bright words, inspiring visualizations, and shared moments of silence which have been instrumental in the creation of this documentary.  

We appreciate and thank the collaboration and enthusiasm of Pablo Patrono who helped us build the chroma Key room to film parts of “Your Life, Your Creation”. 

We appreciate and thank the collaboration of Claudio Vásquez who on several occasions recorded moments of “Your Life, Your Creation” taking photos with his camera.  Thank you for your unconditional friendship.

We appreciate and thank Alejandro Caraballo for teaching Jorge how some editing programs worked. Alejandro did it with a great disposition and good humor which helped Jorge immensely to overcome such challenge.

We appreciate and thank Clarisa Maman Orfali for the amazing work she did programming and designing our website www.tuvidatucreació Thank you Clarisa for your input, knowledge and dedication on this project.

We appreciate and thank all the experts who generously shared not only their knowledge, but their experiences of life with us.  Each of them contributed their information lovingly and with much respect for the human being, with the intention of inspiring people to make use of it and create a better quality of life for themselves and the planet. 

We appreciate and thank all those beautiful people who with loving words encouraged and supported us to continue creating this documentary.  All that love and energy helped to get us out of our comfort zone and continue our quest.

We appreciate and thank the guidance of the wonderful Universe, with whom we have co created the documentary, “Your Life, Your Creation”.  Without the magical energy, and, at the same time, very tangible Universe, we could never have completed this project.  We used the wonderful power of imagination together with the power of clear intention to work on our project. We definitely had to get out of our comfort zone.  We had fears but when one co creates with the Universal Intelligence, positive emotions appear faster and always remind us that we are not alone, that this wonderful force God/Universe/Higher Intelligence is present to support what you want to create. When we align ourselves this extraordinary energy is always there illuminating our path. Thank you dear Universe/God.  Thank you for EVERYTHING.

We appreciate and thank our children, Sebastian and Sabrina, who have been so respectful of our dream, supporting us always with love and understanding, and, being both of them two great teachers in our lives.

Jorge y Silvia Patrono