The movie that will change your life!

A documentary about science and spirituality created for the global community

27 experts from different countries in the world explain how understanding the mechanism of the mind and effectively using the tools that the human being possesses, can produce changes in life.  Such changes were considered miracles when, in fact, they are the result of scientific and spiritual truths put into practice.

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Dare to create the life you want to live!

27 experts explain how to achieve it!

Dr Bruce Lipton

 Cellular Biologist, Epigenetics author and speaker.

Dr Jorge Carvajal

Doctor, creator of  Sintergética.

Dr Joe Dispenza

Neuroscience, author and speaker.

Laura Silva

President of Silva International,  Silva Mind Control System.

Alberto Ivern

Sociologist, author, creator of the  EUSA Method and speaker.

Dr Alex Loyd

Creator of "The Healing Codes", author, coach.

This documentary is for you if…

  • …you feel that you've lost the ability to imagine yourself living a better life.

  • think that your problems have no solution.

  • are trapped in a vicious cycle of negative emotions that do not allow you to clearly see a solution to the challenges that life presents to you.

  • suffer from a chronic illness or you have been diagnosed with an incurable disease.

  • ... you have communication problems with your partner or you cannot find the right partner.

  • don’t feel happy at your work but you accept it because you are afraid of change.

  • has always been an issue in your life. You find it difficult to earn it or to live without getting into debt.

  • believe that you are a victim of your genetic inheritance.

  • have started to think that no matter what you do, your life will always be the same. You have lost hope.
  • feel lonely despite being surrounded by a of lot of people.
  • ... you have problems interacting with your boss and/or co workers.
  • don’t know how to improve your relationship with your children or your parents.
  • ... you suffer from some sort of addiction (alchool, food, sex, cigarette, drugs, etc.)
  • …you feel guilty of your past and don't know how to find inner peace.
  • … you have low self-esteem.

Discover how wonderful you really are

with the guidance of 27 personalities from 

the scientific and spiritual world!

Gregg Braden

Geologist,  Andean Wisdom, author and speaker.

Silvia Freire

A Course in Miracles teacher, author and speaker.

Enric Corbera

Psychologist, Bioneuroemotion, author and speaker.

Dr Rollin McCraty

Heartmath Institute Scientist, author and speaker.

Marianne Williamson

A Course in Miracles teacher, author and speaker.

Donna Gates

Nutritionist, Body Ecology creator, author.

       Dare to live your life by creating it!         

Start Your Change

This documentary presents tools that you can begin to use today. If you apply these tools consciously and with the sincere intention of improving your life, you will be able to achieve results that you have considered impossible to create so far.

Achieve Your Goals

"Your Life, Your Creation" has the most current information on science and spirituality that will help you to manifest your goals and desires. You will finally feel that you're in charge of your life.

Create Abundance 

Abundance is the divine right with which we came to this world. The universe is abundant in energy and vibration. Quantum physics together with the power of the mind and emotions allow you to access this vibration. Remember you can create the reality you want to live.

You are not alone! 

Dr Tom O'Bryan

Gluten expert, author and speaker.

Mabel Katz

 Ho'oponopono teacher, author and speaker.

Dr Konstantin Korotkov

Physicist, scientist, author.

Ines Palomeque

Mil Milenios de Paz President, Peace Ambassador.

Lynne McTaggart

Quantum Physics researcher, author and speaker.

Marcela Lerner

 Mayan Calendar teacher,  the Power of Female Energy.

        A group of 27 personalities from the scientific and spiritual world                                                             answer fundamental questions

You will learn to find the solutions to your problems by solving them in a positive way.  You will experience  a feeling of happiness for having resolved issues that you have been dragging from the past and which have negatively been controlling your present.

  • What is a mental program? How does it control your life even when you do not want that to happen?
  • How do programs work?  Where are they? How can you find them? How can you change them? 
  • How do our two minds work? How can they help us to support our wishes and desires? To understand how the two minds work is essential to be able to create a conscious change in our lives. 
  • Why is your painful past still present in your life?
  • Which  are the healing and creative functions of the heart?  
  • Why is your perception/interpretation of the world important? 
  • Why is it fundamental to obtain inner peace? 
  • Why is it essential to be healthy to create the life we want to live?
  • How can learning about the power of emotions help you improve your personal life, your relationship  with your family and with your co workers?  

Testimonials of the experts about the documentary

WOW!!!  Congratulations!!!  What a fabulous video production. The story is beautifully expressed in a very informative creation. I hope that the whole world sees the important message Jorge and Silvia have produced. The interviews, the background pictures and overlaid animations truly enhance this documentary. And, I honor Jorge and Silvia’s efforts because I personally know how much intense work it takes to assemble such a beautiful montage.

Bruce Lipton, PhD. Celular Biologist 

“Wonderful! I loved this documentary, especially, the tools it offers and the message at the end of it. The whole world should see it!!!”

 Laura Silva, The Silva Method

What a beautiful film! The production values are amazing. The theme is perfect. I'm proud to be able to support the film in whatever way I can... I'm in good company with Joe Dispenza , Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart, Rollin McCraty and others...

Gregg Braden, Geologist

"Many years ago I saw a documentary that changed my life by taking me from the place of a victim to a place where I felt empowered. 'Your Life, Your Creation' has the potential to produce the same effect in your life."

Silvia Freire, Author

A Documentary for the Whole Family

This is an 87 minute film which includes 18 topics to improve the life of a person. 

This documenatry develops the following topics: mind, body, soul, imagination, morphogenetic field, quantum physics, nutrition, mental programs, epigenetics, meditation, inner peace, health, fears, stress, emotions, collaboration, manifestation and more.

“Your Life, Your Creation,” is a film for all ages, easy to understand and assimilate.

Begin to use the tools that truly support what you really want to achieve in your life today!


Brave and beloved team, thank you for giving shape to such blessed challenges and commitment! This documentary is an orchard that has been sown with seeds of peace for the mind and the heart, seeds from 27 fruits that nourish the vitality of all of us.

Daniel Alborno

“This is an immeasurable amount of all great and valuable information.  An aesthetically perfect video: color, imagination, music, image, rhythm, warmth and dynamism, harmonious and pleasant. This film invites you to see it many times. This documentary is a treasure with an impeccable presentation.  All participants are great, really great!  All this has been done within the framework of design and editing worthy of the greatest documentaries.  Jorge and Silvia, Sun and moon, produced this jewel generously. Thank you for sharing all that knowledge and information in the Spanish language and presenting us with great teachers.  Endless thanks to all the experts.”

Norma Rivas Costa​

Congratulations! The creation of your film is excellent. It awakens my being that is sometimes asleep, and acts mechanically.  As you and every one of the specialists express in the film, my old programs do not let me create.  Until today, I was convinced that I had achieved many changes because I live everyday accepting the here and now.  By listening to and enjoying the wonder that you have created and transmitted, I discover that I am still missing more and already beginning to change my life.  ENDLESS THANK YOU'S. HUGGING YOU IN LOVE.

Nilda E.

 More personalities from the spiritual and scientific world share their valuable knowledge with you ......

Anita Moorjani

Survivor of terminal cancer, author and speaker.

Gabriel Nossovitch

Business Coach,  author and speaker.

Antón Ponce de León.

 Andean Cosmology, author.

Pierre Garreaud

Peruvian Shaman, Sacred Andean Rhythms.

Dr Antonio Lozano

Sociologist,  Zen Monk, Meditation.

Christine Phillips

Quantum Therapist , Energy Readings and Channelling.

Laura Vannelli

Nutritional Coach, speaker, courses.

Eliana D'Alessandro

Psychologist, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation.

Claudia Alvarado

 Guillen Barre survivor, author.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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